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All members gain G-coins by being active on (by playing games, by submitting high-scores and game scores, by winning contests and tournaments,...). With your G-coins you can upgrade your member level. Each member level offers extra benefits. And all this is totally FREE!

Beneath you will find a few examples of the benefits that are waiting for you:

  • earn G-coins for actions taken on (playing games, submitting high-scores, ....
  • sell your excess G-coins for real money (you first have to reach the level of Bourgeois to be able to sell your G-coins).
  • upgrade your member Rank. How more G-coins you have how higher your Rank. There are 14 Ranks in total. Each Rank offers new benefits and options. You can discover all the benefits per Rank once you are registered.
  • play games dedicated to members.
  • discover new games you can test before they are on the market.
  • communicate with other members.
  • create your own group and invite your friends to join it.
  • join several existing groups.
  • create your own forum.
  • ...

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