Kings Era
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Kings Era

Kings Era is a free online strategy game, to play this exciting game you don't need to download any software all you need is an email to create a account. Then build magnificent cities, join powerful alliances and destroy your enemies & wild demon tribes, additionally there are many cash prizes too!!
Kings Era is based on fictional events in the medieval period. You are a young fighter trying to build an empire with a strong army. You will fight the demons and wild tribes. Upon winning the game your name will appear in the eternal manuscript. You can win cash prizes in each period of the game. All you need to do is read the game guide and register an online account.

The story of the game
A hundred years ago where people were living in peace and harmony, in their cities they were getting on with their work, farming..... When all of a sudden the wild demon tribe the Ginghiz destroyed the peace and harmony, at that time all the local kings got together and devised a plan to consolidate. They agreed to make an alliance and make a big army to confronting the Ginghiz tribe.

In this period when the spies brought this news, the only way to destroy the Ginghiz was to capture the Eternal scripture, after creating a strong army the alliance captured the Eternal scripture. Also the spies have stated that the Ginghiz tribe has brought with them lots of their treasures. In order to capture the treasures there has to be team work and use every ones different professions. As you are playing the game you will realise that Kings Era is full of mysteries and you will come across golden keys, treasure chests, medieval scriptures, and medieval towns. This is part of the story of Kings Era, as you play you will come across more hidden secret.

Kings Era, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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