Pockie Kingdom
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Pockie Kingdom

Pockie Kingdom is a horizontal strategy TD game.
Hundreds of years ago, the Dark God, Lagasse launched a war against the Gods while the world stone was lost from the Heaven.Most of the guardian angels were killed in the war. The power of Lagasse became incredibly strong. On the other hand, the Gods was about to lose the war. To prevent it, the Justice Angle, Eason gave up his own life, sealed the Dark God in a crystal crown, and sent 12 supreme guardians to watch it. Since then, the crown was named after justice and the Heaven, the Earth and the Devildom returned to peace temporarily.

Game Features
The story in Pockie Kingdom is set in the European Middle Ages. Players will take on a role in the game and start a wonderful journey in this fantastic world.

Pockie Kingdom is a horizontalstrategy game. Players can recruit heroes from 8 different classes. With multiple choices of soldiers, it allows players to find their own best match of soldiers and heroes. Besides that, different soldiers and heroes have different appearances and skills. Players will never get bored in this game, as there are many interesting systems, such as equipment development system, multiple combat systems, player interaction system, and so on.

Pockie Kingdom, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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