Pockie Pirates (One Piece)
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Pockie Pirates (One Piece)

Tell the world that dreams never die! Join the cast of One Piece and aim to become the Pirate King in this popular free MMO browser RPG game!
Combining formation gameplay from strategy game with cute anime scenes, Pockie Pirate presents the fun of traditional turn-based combats in a fabulous, relaxing and thrilling way with dynamic flash effects.

You have 4 characters:
Doctor is a healing and assisting profession that features strong magic defense and excellence in every aspect. Fans of One Piece anime series must think of the lovely pet doctor Chopper at the very first thought. Doctor is mainly to recover HP and the core of the team. Whether a team is fierce or not depends on doctor. Then, what doctor looks like in Pockie Pirate?

Navigator is a long-range attacker who is good at magic attack and weak in physical defense. In One Piece anime series, Nami is the navigator. This profession is the wisest in the crew. With the powerful magic that can deal enemies catastrophic damages, navigators always intelligently help the crew conquer the hurdles along the Great Line, but the most scariest part of navigators is that their physical damage won’t affect casting magic. Even if they are at their last gasps, they can still wipe out the opponent in a blink.

Adept in physical attack and defense, great swordman is suitable for close combats. When speaking of great swordman, people will firstly have Pirate Hunter- Santoryu Roronoa Zoro on the mind and then Hawk-Eyes Mihawk of Shichibukai. Great swordman is renowned for fast, precise and ruthless attack. With sword and glamorous skills, they can deal the enemy deadly damage on their own strength.

Fast speed, high attack and moderate defense, sniper is a profession of long range type. Sniper is the most flexible character in the game, as they are powerful, agile, and expert in dodge and hit. Fans of One Piece anime series must have Snipe King Usopp on the mind at thought of sniper, but in Pockie Pirate, sniper looks nothing like Usopp.

Pockie Pirates (One Piece), 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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