Age Of Wushu
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Age Of Wushu

Age of Wushu is a new MMO that recreates an ancient Chinese world of kung fu. If the term Wushu is new to you, fear not, it’s an easy concept to explain. Simply put Wushu is a general term for Chinese martial arts. For example in martial arts movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Hero, characters leap from rooftops and display gravity-defying feats of martial arts prowess. In Age of Wushu, you can perform all these unbelievably powerful skills and become a legendary Wushu master!

In Age of Wushu each world event or quest you participate in grants experience, which is then converted into cultivation points. These points are then used to directly enhance your character’s internal skills and fighting moves. You can even gain cultivation points for your character while logged off. As such, the character development in Age of Wushu is completely different from traditional MMOs, there is no grinding or levels.

The in-game cultivation conversion system is key to character growth, as cultivation points are used to enhance internal skills and martial arts moves. The conversion rate varies per situation and depending on the activity can be much faster or slower. There are many ways to boost conversion rate in the game waiting to be discovered.

Another important factor in the Age of Wushu world is Reputation, which represents how your character is seen in public. Reputation actually has nothing to do with your fighting skill; but what you have done in the world. In the game, you interact with NPCs, decide whether or not to help them, and face various challenges in the mysterious world. All these events are related to your Reputation, which is a direct record of what you have achieved in Age of Wushu.

The economic system in Age of Wushu closely resembles that of the real ancient Chinese society. What you earn depends on what you have achieved in your unique personal experience. You can even earn money by kidnapping other players!

There are 17 life skills that fall into four categories:
- Gathering: Miner, Hunter, Farmer, Logger, Fisherman
- Manufacturing: Tailor, Chef, Poison Maker, Craftsman, Blacksmith, Herbalist
- Arts: Musician, Chess Master, Calligrapher, Painter
- Market: Beggar and Diviner

Careers are practiced and gradually mastered over time via in-game events and quests. Mastering skills is exhausting work, and as such you can only train them so much each day.
Tip: You can learn all of the Gathering skills, but only one each of the other skills. So it is recommended that you take all the Gathering skills, instead of limiting yourself to just one.

- Unique Features -
Game Engine
Following continuous advancements in technology, Snail’s tech teams developed the new engine “FLEXI” for the development of Age of Wushu. The newly designed engine contained game client, server, and editing tools. It is a highly extensive system which can itterate the latest technology continuously. This assures that the developers don’t need to remake new engines again and again. Instead, they only need to add new modules into it to satisfy the requirements of future game development.

Showcasing Wushu Martial Arts
The game features eight different martial art schools to choose from, dazzling aerial duels, and a sophisticated system of combos and counters. Players are given tons of freedom unparalleled in modern MMORPGs in their journey to master the ancient Chinese martial arts, to delve into their character\'s unique story, to face the consequences of every action, and to fulfill their destiny.

Presenting an Ancient Landscape
Suzhou with the waterways and bridges, Yanjing filled with Imperial grandeur, taverns bursting with customers, and Inns with hidden pathway that might contain assassins – all these are a part of Age of Wushu. In the Wuxia world, we selected famous architecture of Ming Dynasty and modern landscape to create a complete and accurate world filled with natural and human wonders.

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